National [what?] service?

Went to the quack yesterday. After more than a decade of living with a toenail that isn’t right and periodically does something a little painful, I had the bright idea that we have this ‘ere health service. And our quacks are the UK’s only representatives of the techie community amongst the very-high-paid, so lets have ’em earn some of it …

He looked, suggested a couple of things, and asked for a sample (ahem, a toenail sample). To keep it all sterile, he provided a little purpose-built packet bearing the logo of a big pharmaceutical company. Then an envelope to put that in. Then more packagaing. Makes the worst supermarket practices look positively frugal!

Oh, and a pair of scissors to cut it, that looked as if they could easily have contaminated the sample. Not to mention anything on my hands at the time I cut it. But that’s OK: it was being carefully packaged, so nothing’s going to happen. Yeah, right.

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