Daily Archives: December 17, 2006

Indexing the book

I got through the index today, and marked up quite a few changes.  Some of them are whittling it down (a whole bunch of consecutive closely-related entries pointing at the same couple of pages – reduce it to a single entry).  Others are adding to it, usually on the “big topic” keywords.

An interesting point here: I folded the HTTP spec into my format for inclusion as an appendix, but when it came to indexing, I sent them the index from the PDF version.  They’ve clearly used that index, and they’ve merged it with partial success.  So one of the things I’ve had to do is improve the integration of the two, with for example appropriate crossreferences where my text discusses something in the spec, but doesn’t use the same keywords as the spec’s index.

I think I still need to read it through again before closing the task.  I have until the middle of the week.

The illusion of light

Yesterday it felt like springtime, because there was some decent light after an extended dull grey period.

Today, that’s gone. It still looks as if it’ll be bright: there’s a heavy mist in the valley, but the moon (a tiny sliver of crescent) is bright and clear above it. But, reverting to seasonal norm, it’s such a long wait:-(

It’s still absurdly warm, with temperatures more like October than December.  In any normal year we’d get our first daytime frost sometime in November.  This year we haven’t even had a night frost yet.