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Bank holiday misery

Well, since you ask, we didn’t actually suffer misery. But that’s because we cancelled plans to head to the coast as soon as we saw the ridiculous crowds heading along the roads in the same direction. Clearly that was to be expected on the first day (Friday), but it seemed less obvious on the Sunday.

I think this reinforces my longstanding view that the only sensible thing to do with a bank holiday is to stay at home and work, or at most to go out locally and on foot. Trouble is, sensible arrangements that work nicely for me are less useful when the schedule has to fit in with a girlfriend whose work gives her much more rigidly-defined holidays.  Bah, Humbug.

In fact, we did get in a very pleasant walk from Gunnislake to Calstock, taking in some of the spectacular scenery and industrial archaeology of that stretch of the Tamar Valley (gorge!). That at least was off the main tourist circuit, except for the picturesque centre of Calstock.

Tomorrow I have to travel a few miles to a pub for lunch. But that’s obscure local roads, off the tourist radar, so I hope it won’t be too bad.