Daily Archives: December 20, 2006

First frost

December 20th.  First frost of the season outside.

But still comfortable.  High pressure and no wind, no need for the winter duvet, nor for a winter-weight pullover.  And the day is dawning bright and clear: in a minute I’ll have to put down the venetian blind to defend against the glare of the sun.  And the CRT monitor, which I still have in mind as a potential source of winter warmth in case of cold, remains unused and gathering dust.

The Bridge’s progress

I passed the site of our footbridge this afternoon just after four.  The workmen were there, so I asked about it.  No they can’t open it quite yet, but it should just be a couple of days.

As I was there, they opened up the bridge end of the section of path that had been closed.  They didn’t know why it had been closed, either, unless it was Health and Safety (a possibility, and a good scapegoat if not). If it was on some spurious safety grounds, they’ve scored a great big own goal there: the fallen leaves and moss that accumulated on the unused path are certainly more slippery than that path would normally be.