I expect most readers know who I am (else what brought you here)?

The executive summary: I’m a geek, and spend my time developing the software and standards that drive the ‘net. I also write about it. I care a lot about this work, and recently (January 2007) published a piece on why, in a column I write elsewhere.

Here are some links for further reading. They tend to be out of date in matters of detail (often by several years), but the substance remains valid:

  • Personal Page (my oldest surviving “about me”)
  • Nick’s Manifesto (why I care about the ‘net)
  • My apache.org page (the most high-profile project I’m actively involved in)
  • My CV (Just the one – hacking up different versions for different people seems to me less than honest)
  1. Christian R. Conrad

    Hey, you could even put something there! πŸ™‚

  2. It’s a fair cop, guv. I just put something there:-)

  3. Not sure if this is a good place for initiation of the topic, but I’ve created an Apache module called MVProc (http://sourceforge.net/projects/mvproc/) and I’m looking for a champion to get it into the incubator. Some [meta]changes will be required to integrate it into the apache source tree, but it’s already fully functional. If you’re interested please contact me. Thanks!

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