How useless is covid testing?

This morning I’ve tested covid-positive. The symptoms to date are quite painful coughing (but mercifully much less of it than a really bad cough) and a moderate-level general lurgy. Well, if it were a severe general lurgy I wouldn’t be at the screen to blog about it!

On Sunday morning I had much milder symptoms which I attributed to having overdone things on Saturday. I tested firmly negative, and on that basis I went to choir, where in retrospect I probably spread it.

Earlier on Sunday morning I had a message from Jen who I had spent time with on Thursday evening (a pint or two after another choir). She had tested negative on Thursday, but was letting me know she’d just tested positive and might have been infected or indeed infectious on Thursday. A followup message yesterday told me both Mark and Peter, who had been at the same end of the table in the pub, had tested positive.

This looks like a pattern. You test negative when you feel just slightly iffy. On that basis you go out and spread it. Only later do you test positive and isolate. It’s a story I’ve heard before, only this time it’s kind-of personal.

Perhaps it would be altogether better if the criterion was not a test, but rather the feeling a bit iffy?


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  1. Heh.

    I’m supposed to report the result on a government website. But the website isn’t accepting the report: it says “Sorry, you cannot report the result right now”. There’s a possible clue as to why in the URL for that error message: . But that happened without anything resembling a (re)captcha on the way, and I really can’t be arsed to go to any trouble over their egregious bugs. So it’ll remain unreported, except to people I’ve had contact with in recent days and already messaged.

  2. A week after the symptoms subsided to something negligible, today I’ve officially tested all-clear and can resume normal life.

    I’ve spent over a week avoiding indoor spaces other than my own house, and not even encouraging dogs to be friendly when out and about!

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