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Fairtrade Beer

I just had a beer with my evening meal.  In pouring it, I noticed it bears a Fairtrade label. Fairtrade supposedly means following certain ethical practices in dealing with third-world farmers.

Hang on! WTF????

Beer is a very traditional drink, brewed from locally-grown ingredients. It’s something the English do well, both historically and today. Where the **** does anything foreign, let alone third-world, come in?

Reading the label in more detail, it says “Contains min. 23% Fairtrade Certified Ingredients”. Erm … that looks like 77% non-fairtrade. Isn’t beer more than 77% water? So does that mean the brewer imports water from the third world? Good grief!

Anyway, it wasn’t a good beer. I won’t be buying it again.  Nor will I try the other beer from the Wychwood brewery that sits alongside it on Morrisons’ shelves.