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Ranting about the semweb

My latest article is up on El Reg. It’s another potentially-provocative rant, this time about the semantic web. And for the first time at the Reg, it’s had some not-entirely-trivial editorial attention between my submission and publication. Expanding many of the acronyms and adding links is probably a Good Thing, but I’m less convinced by splitting some paragraphs. One or two clauses or sentences have got lost or changed. But on the whole, it says what I meant to say.

I also thought of busking it as a lightning talk for ApacheCon, after being inspired to have a rant in the first place by some of the talks there. But I chickened out. The subject is one that could’ve been quite offensive if (or rather when) I fluffed the delivery, and I don’t have the performance skills to make it positive and entertaining.