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Glassfish Portfolio

As of today, we (Sun Glassfish Webstack, hitherto just WebStack) are part of the Sun Glassfish Portfolio. That’s a lot of application server and infrastructure under one roof!

From a techie point of view, it’s not clear that it’ll make much difference. We’re still different products and different teams, with not too much overlap. But for customers, it’s a one-stop shop for a wide range of needs, and pretty comprehensive in the core area of web applications. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get confusing to the customer who wants [S|L]AMP and no Java, or vice versa!

I guess it also demonstrates a true heavyweight presence in this space (as if that were needed)! Sun is of course the provider for Glassfish and MySQL (among other things) by virtue of owning them – albeit by acquisition in the latter case. Beyond that, Sun has built a formidable base of expertise in other opensource products in the web application space by hiring key developers in the main projects (yours truly included), so we are in a position to offer both breadth and depth of support to users.