Monthly Archives: April 2021

Two Standards

I seem to have rather dropped the ball on commenting on double standards in our Establishment. But two news stories both reported today exhibit a contrast too good to pass up. Both concern rich and powerful folks accused of major white-collar crimes fraud and corruption.

Story 1: Trial of Serco executives collapses.

Story 2: 24 foreign individuals sanctioned under “Magnitsky” act.

So that’s two Brits acquitted without a completed trial, and a much larger number of foreigners punished without any suggestion of a trial. The latter haven’t even reached the threshold to face prosecution, they are just guilty until proven … erm … that’ll probably have to be until proven dead, and on no more evidence than the word of the Minister!

Just imagine that standard had been applied to the Serco two!

And as regards the Magnitsky 24, I imagine a lot of wealthy users of London’s money-laundering services will now be re-evaluating their budgets for protection moneyConservative party donations. And those linked to political targets but not in need of such services will be looking to dispose of any assets they might have in UK jurisdiction.