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A World of Pain

Whither Firefox?

It’s a long time since I experienced the Web without ad-blocking, without noscript.  Individual sites may have changed for better or worse, but overall it remains a whole world of pain.

I don’t even mind adverts.  What I need to block is crap that moves: animations, tickers, slideshows, etc, including those that aren’t adverts at all but are just some deezyner’s wet dream.  And it turns out there’s a lesser nuisance alongside those: sites that put up a huge great dialogue box where I have to agree T&Cs, and usually telling me about their cookies, before viewing the page.

Goodbye, Firefox.  Hello Chromium.  Probably won’t look back (at least for general browsing) until and unless I start getting grief with the latter.

Browsers for Mac

Dear Lazyweb, is there a web browser for Mac OS X that lets me view images but disable image animations?

Let me clarify. I know they all have configuration options to do that, but I want one that works!

My normal desktop platform is Linux, but I have a Mac laptop. It’s one of the first generation of Mac/Intel boxes, and it’s the cheapest (13 inch) model.

On Linux (and other *X), Konqueror has long let me browse in a rich graphical environment but nevertheless disable image animation crap. Other browsers have configuration settings to disable animations, but they simply don’t work. When the Mac was new, I struggled and failed to find a working browser. That included installings addons like SafariStand that supposedly get rid of the crap, as well as a range of different browsers.

When Firefox 2.0 was released, it finally worked. On both platforms, and even Windoze. Great, a browser I could use anywhere I want from the Mac.

A week or two ago, with the latest security update, Firefox started animating images on me (as version 1.5 had done). Disabling it just stopped working. So now I am without a web browser I can use away from safe sites on the Mac.

Grrrr …