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Retail Monopoly

I was less than overjoyed when Co-op took over Somerfield, leaving us two Co-ops.  Not good for choice when both in-town supermarkets stock identical ranges.

But Co-op’s mini-monopoly is about to be eclipsed.  I just passed the recently-closed Stead and Simpson, hitherto our big(-ish) shoe shop, and one of the biggest shops on the high street.  It’s being refurbished, and proclaims itself about to re-open as a St Luke’s Hospice shop.

Hang on!  We already have not one but two St Luke’s in town!  How the **** do they justify three shops (two of them large) within one minute’s walk of each other in a small market town’s high street?  This is clearly an organisation with more money than it can spend.  I shall have to try and make a point of avoiding events that contribute further to that excess!