Daily Archives: December 4, 2006


Just finished proofreading the book!

Now I have to decide how to tackle communicating things back to the publisher.  How much can I leave up to them, in cases where there are many similar instances of an issue?  The main example is code layout, where indentation and alignment of continuation lines is sometimes wrong – annoying, but (mostly) not critical.  Can I say “lots of instances of .. in this chapter” without spelling out every individual instance?

Then there’s one chapter where some names appear in italics, that are in monospace through the rest of the book.  I rather like the italics myself, but I think consistency is more important.  Can I say that withoutpointing to every instance?

‘Tis a shame I can’t insert my own comments into the PDF.  This is a task that would be easier with a printout and a pen, so I could be spared having to spell out the exact location of every comment.  But if I print it, I have to scan it again before returning it to them (snail-mail would take too long), and that’s even more faffing.  The multifunction printer/scanner/copier/fax gubbins would eat it up for certain.

I guess it’s a longish email making the general points, with my page-by-page detailed points in an attachment.  But I’m too dazed-and-wossname to write the email tonight.