Daily Archives: December 14, 2006

I was right again:-)

If anyone thinks some of my rants (like here) OTT, it’s now official: muzak is torture, and people shouldn’t have to suffer it. Does that mean we can get effective action taken against those who regularly inflict it on people’s homes and the world at large?

And in a more surprising bit of “I was right” news, it seems sitting in an upright posture really is bad for the back, according to a report on Radio 4. One of the main things that drove me out of working in an office was lack of flexibility over how and where I could sit, leading to back pain. An unsuitable chair and/or desk was unbearable, and the worst of all were those things described as “workstation” with a hugely inflexible and strained posture.

I used to think that one was just me being quirky. I wonder if they’ll come up with a report about the stress caused by collars, ties, wristwatches, or unsuitable shoes (some of the other things I’m fussy about) next?