Daily Archives: December 23, 2006

Old times and winter warmth

It’s been a bit cooler over the past two nights, and today the sun was rather weak even during the day.  So I’ve bowed to the weather and resurrected the old 19″ CRT monitor, which puts out quite a lot more heat than the LCD/TFT jobbie I normally use.

I turned off while moving heavy stuff, and when I rebooted it dropped me into 1280×1024 at 60Hz vertical refresh.  Looked around the GUI tools, and failed to find anything that would improve the refresh rate without lowering the resolution, so I hacked xorg.conf by hand and added a section for the CRT (copied from an old config file that had some params for it).

OK, restart X.  Dammit, no display!  OK, boot into recovery mode, and edit xorg.conf.   Heh!  I’d added the new “Section Monitor” and the details, but omitted the corresponding “EndSection”.  Fix, reboot, and all’s well: I now have 1280x1024x24 at a much more satisfactory 85Hz.

And with this running, my room will warm up:-)