Daily Archives: December 12, 2006

El Reg column

As mentioned a while ago, I’ve used the mod_security acquisition as a hook for an article at El Reg (dammit, I really mustn’t forget to supply a title for my articles).  I’m afraid the article is a tad unfocussed and not quite a worthy followup to last month’s piece, but I dug up the idea when my editor started talking about copy.

I hope it doesn’t mislead readers into supposing I have any kind of “insider” knowledge of the mod_security deal.  I don’t: all I know is what I have from an announcement email, and published webpages.   The article isn’t really about the deal itself: rather it’s using it as a hook to raise “what if?” questions, and discuss issues concerning open source, licenses and business.

And in further news, David Reid’s shiny new rdf-driven face to people.apache.org looks like a good hook for another article.  Maybe.