Late notice

Notice of works: No parking for two days (March 4th-5th)Once upon a time a notice went up, warning motorists not to park on a short stretch of road because works were to be done.  That was for March 4th for two days.  It’s still there, and the works have gone through a number of phases chronicled in part here, here and here.

Following my last post here – the one where they’d outright poisoned my home for two days – I went and had a word with the local paper.  I had already complained to environmental health, but their response came only on the third day as the offending engine was being removed.  The story I thought might interest the paper is the contrast: how they’d gone to the trouble to protect those overhead wires but hadn’t even bothered to tell the residents what we were to be subjected to.

The reporter called the council, and (probably) as a consequence of that they’ve finally notified us of what’s going on, with apologies for “late notice”.  A result of sorts, though it’s to be a minimum of another three weeks, and with no detail of how much more nuisance to expect.

April 27th: Notice was finally sent to us!

April 27th: Notice was finally sent to us!

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