Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Weekend with a difference

The apache meetup has been very different to bigger ApacheCon and comparable (or bigger) conference events[1].  It feels like a halfway house between a holiday and a working event.  The smaller numbers and informal agenda, coupled with the remote location and fine weather, make for an altogether more intimate event.  Within an hour or two of arriving I’d met two of my esteemed HTTPD colleagues who had hitherto been just names, along with (of course) a lot of other old and new friends.

The downside?  Having to get up at 5am to travel out here, and nearly as early tomorrow for the return journey.  And the youth-hostel accommodation, including the mandatory snorer (though the four-man room is, these days, en-suite) And being isolated here leaves no choice but to eat food that … left something to be desired.  Though come to think of it, it was better than the food ApacheCon 2003 in Las Vegas, when I first gave a public presentation on an Apache topic.

Thanks to Noirin for organising the event!

[1] There is no ApacheCon in Europe this year.  This low-budget developer-only meet is all.