A slightly-belated spring is now clearly upon us.  Apart from the weather, which moved very rapidly from a cold winter to bright&sunny around the beginning of the month, we have the flowers in bloom, and a rapid growth in wildlife activity.

Two things in particular mark the season.  This weekend I bought some rhubarb and made a crumble of it, marking the beginning of a delicious season of fresh, sweet fruit and veg that runs through the summer soft fruits to the autumn’s blackberries and apples, plums and pears.  I’ve spotted rhubarb before, but now I can believe it’s genuine local fresh stuff, as opposed to grown under very-artificial conditions or imported.

Then last night, I heard a rich buzzing sound.  Actually rather easier on the ear than a bee or big fly, this large and rather beautiful wasp shut up fairly quickly and settled on the top of the curtain.  I went to the kitchen to fetch a large jar with screw-on lid[1], but on my return I couldn’t see it anywhere, even after shaking the curtains and other soft things.  Oops!  Carefully shake the duvet and pillows before returning to bed.  Hear it later, but by now I’m sufficiently relaxed to ignore it, and in the morning all I needed to do was encourage it out of the window.  A bit of research today tells me I just met a queen hornet!

[1] Plan: leave it in the jar overnight, and take it out to the garden in the morning.

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  1. …and the short season of English asparagus is now upon us too. Expensive, but far, far nicer than the airfreighted stuff.

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