Daily Archives: April 22, 2010

Obese, but not fat

Those who know me, or have known me since nineteenninetysomething, will be familiar with the ample middle-age paunch, promising a Falstaffian (can I say that?) profile in my later years.  Well, erm, I happen to like the Buddha a whole lot better than other religious figures, so I’m following a good role model 😛

On Tuesday I went to Exeter, for an extensive medical checkup.  It’s a perk of the job: I’m entitled to this every two years.  They measured me and confirmed that I should lose several inches from the waistline which is, in modern terminology, obese.  But they also performed a body fat measurement, and found 17%, which is bang in the middle of the healthy range (14-20%) for a man of my age.

So it’s official.  I’m obese but not fat.  Not even a little bit fat!

Happy to say most of their tests showed good health.  But to share detail of everything would be TMI.