Peace and quiet

After two days of works became more than three months (with notice given half-way through), we finally seem to have some peace and quiet.  The wall opposite is looking complete(!), and the workmen haven’t returned this week (though I thought they were back this morning, when a lorry stopped outside to load/unload, but it turns out that was just someone moving).  On the other hand, part of the building site is still fenced off, so maybe there’s more to do.

Most intriguing: how are they going to remove the scaffolding from the far side of the wall?  Normally you’d take scaffolding down starting at the top, and load it onto a vehicle at the bottom.  But there’s no access to the bottom of this wall.  They erected the scaffolding by lowering it from above, and I guess they’re going to need to bring a big crane to take it down.  That’ll be … erm … interesting, in our narrow little road.

In other local news, summer has reached the point where I’m hotter than comfortable while working.  The river is warmer than I recollect from recent summers, and also lower: after about four weeks of summer weather with very little rain, I was unable to swim on-the-spot against the current for exercise, as I have done many times in the past.

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  1. I spoke too soon. Yesterday they were out there all day taking down the scaffolding. Today they’re out there again. But at least, this is dismantling the works!

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