In the family

My brother vet and I have both been blogging for a while.  Now our mother has joined us!

She asked me about it when I was with her last weekend: I said just go to one of the big providers and sign up.  Even offered to go through following the link from my blog to sign up @wordpress, but it seems she’s gone to the other side.  And my comment hasn’t appeared on her first entry, with no explanation of why not, so please fix it to tell me what’s going on when I submit!

I shall look forward to reading more words of … erm … well yes, ’nuff said.

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  1. I don’t know what is going on. However, your brother vet also submitted a welcoming comment which was there for me to read when I woke up this morning – and it had come all the way from the antipodes!!!
    I have been crawling all over my options and settings to see if there is anything odd but nothing stares me in the face. It may pay you to consult your vet who is after all using the same service.

  2. I have now also received a comment from somebody who is a worldpress user.
    I notice that below the comment-box on my blogger you are invited to say how you wish to post your comment. There is a “Select profile…” scroll-box with (for me) the following pulldown options:mumsie (Google), LiveJournal, WorldPress, TypePad, AIM, OpenID.

    Surely, you have a WordPress username that you put in there and that should work, or would that be too simple?

    There is also what looks like a subscribe by email option but I have not a clue how it works.

    I have also compared your comment page with Niamh’s; yours has RSS feed for comments on this post – TrackBack URI, hers has a little orange-coloured icon that looks a bit like a searchlight followed by “Comments RSS” in green. I don’t know if this is significant.

    Try again, please

  3. “Surely, you have a WordPress username that you put in there and that should work, or would that be too simple?”

    That’s exactly what I did. It’s what I (normally) do to comment on vet’s blog, and others that use OpenID.

    If it had come back with an error message, I’d have re-tried. But it just told me nothing at all, so for all I knew it was just a case of waiting, maybe for you to find it in a moderation queue.

    [edit to add] I just made another comment, also vanished. I expect your settings require you to approve any comment from someone who declines to sign away their soul to blogger.

  4. I’ve now changed comments setting to let ‘anonymous’ post comments. Try it and use some slight indication of identity that I can recognise. I shall learn about other things as we go along but have not got a lot of time at the moment.

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