Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

Beach Hell

In Brighton[1] for long weekend.  Friday was mother’s birthday, so we went to one of Hove’s many restaurants to celebrate.  Sri Lankan cuisine: somewhat like Indian, but to my great surprise, completely mild, with none of the heat one usually associates with Indian and many other Asian cuisines!  Quite nice, but I wouldn’t choose it ahead of, say, Indian or Thai food on a regular basis.

Today we went in to the city centre, to a shop where my mother had seen pint mugs meeting my needs.  They even have bigger mugs, so I picked up one pint-size and one at 1.3 pints, to make a really good cuppa for these hot summer days.

Then I walked back to Hove along a very busy seafront.  It’s bright and sunny, and the warmest weather we’ve had so far this year.  I expect the city-centre stretch to be challenging due to dense crowds.  But that’s not a problem: I just have to navigate between lots of people, and keep an eye out to steer clear of smokers amongst them.  What was a problem not only in the ultra-crowded city stretch, but also on the wide promenade into Hove, was the number of barbecues spewing out thick, oily smoke.  There must have been upwards of a dozen in a mile’s walk, and nowhere really clear of them.  Turning away from the seafront, the traffic fumes of the main road were a positive relief by comparison.

Later in the afternoon I went down to the beach further west for a swim, and found it busy but not suffering the smoke.  But I was disappointed again: the water is looking unwholesome, with great clouds of something (I know not what – it looked a little like something between sand and mud) floating on it.  Swimming out some way it didn’t clear up (seemed denser/thinner in stripes), so I headed back to the beach and back home for a very thorough shower.

Evidently I’ve picked a bad weekend to visit the parents 😦

[1] Hove Actually[2]
[2] (note capitalisation)