Daily Archives: May 5, 2010


Could today be nemesis for Greece’s tragedy?

News reports tell us three people were killed in a bank firebombed in a riot today.  And that the demonstration organisers were shocked into calling it off when they heard the news.  Could it be that history will put today down as the day they turned the corner, lost the appetite for destructive protest (those who have it), and buckled down to try and work their way out of their troubles?

If so, let me wish them all the best.  Not that anything I say matters.  More importantly it seems Mrs Merkel is trying hard to help them to help themselves, steering a perilous course between a Σκύλλα and Χάρυβδις of conflicting demands. And they perhaps have the Irish model to follow.

What will it take to move the UK on from hubris?  With all the manifestos still firmly in denial, tomorrow’s election is a lost opportunity.

[edit to add] Showing my ignorance here.  Of course I meant to say Κάθαρσις and strike a much more optimistic note.