The curse of the timewarp

You’d think in this day and age you could get a reasonable unmetered internet connection pretty-much anywhere in the developed world.  But that seems to exclude distressingly many of the best spots.  Regular readers may recollect a lovely cottage I didn’t take due to uncertainty over broadband.

Recently a house has come on to the market at Huckworthy Bridge, a regular swim-spot, and my #1 idea of an idyllic spot to live locally to here.  So I checked broadband connectivity.  BT indicates that ADSL is likely be problematic, so this morning I pedalled over to check the strength of mobile broadband signal.  My ‘phone indicated just a faint 2G/voice signal that would be pretty useless for data 😦

Guess I’ll have to pass on viewing that house.  But I’m making it an excuse to share a snap of somewhere I think I’d like to live, if modern amenities were available.  The available house is just off the picture to the right, and not quite as lovely as those across the bridge.

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  1. The flipside of that is, I bought a dinky cottage in the middle of noplace, was quoted variously 512kbit/s ADSL, maybe 2Meg if lucky… and actually I get 8Mbit/s connectivity up there! Favourably surprised. 🙂

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