Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Tax shackles

I’ve just received a notice of my next year’s tax coding (next UK tax year starts on April 6th).  HMRC are famously messing up on many of these, but in my case I thought it could just carry through from last year – too simple to mess up.

Tax code D0.  Huh?  What’s that?  It’s a penalty rate!  Bugrthat!!!

In smaller print, I see it refers to my income from WebThing.  Well, my income from WebThing over the past two years (since joining Sun) has been a whopping £0.00, so I guess I can cope with paying a high percentage in tax 😉  But it does mean that if WebThing were to start paying me again, the government would take 66 pence for every £1 salary, from the very first pound.  Ouch!

No mention of what tax code they’ve told Sun and/or Oracle, so there’s hope they’ve got that right.  Guess it means I’m tied to Oracle with shackles of red tape, no matter what happens.

I should try to haggle a reduction, on the grounds of paying money into tax-exempt things!  Paying by the rules and claiming a rebate when they’re bankrupt is getting ever more scary!