Orange pulp

Just had lunch with my favourite lunchtime drink: freshly-squeezed juice.  A bag of oranges, with a couple of lemons for a bit of extra tang, make a glass for today and a jug for the fridge.

Making the juice is very easy with the orange-juicing attachment to the food processor.  Just hold the fruits down on it as it spins, and juice trickles through.  After a dozen or so fruits, the processor is about half full of juice, and there’s a lot of juicy pulp in the top.  Work the pulp with a soft/flexible plastic spatula, and about 50% more rich juice works its way through, leaving a much dryer, pithy, and altogether less appetising pulp in the top.

Today I’m throwing that pulp away.  But I dislike waste, and I’d like to think or hear of something productive to do with it.  For example, if I were to feed it through the liquidiser (another function of the same food processor), would that yield something I can re-use, or would it still retain an irredeemably pithy/stringy consistency?  What about adding it to cooking: for example, in the stock for boiling root vegetables destined to be liquidised for a soup?

Anyone successfully using this pulp?  Any good tips?

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  1. I find orange juice, orange pulp, and/or orange rind make a great addition to ginger-based chicken dishes – either Indian or Oriental styles.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, folks!

    Rich – not so useful to those of us who don’t eat meat! But I guess the principle you’re suggesting is to use it in a marinade.

    Matt – I certainly would if I had a use for compost, but I don’t have a garden (here in the overcrowded UK they’re very much a luxury of the rich).

  3. West Devon Borough Council collects food waste weekly on a trail basis. The waste goes for composting. I’m not sure if you’re covered by this scheme. See for more details.

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