Yesterday we went up the moors to pick that sweetest of local fruits, the blueberry.  As John points out, our local blueberries are a variety called whortleberries (pronounced ‘urtz) which are tiny but very delicious.  We went as a group: four adults, one child, two dogs, one of whom didn’t want to let me get on with picking anything.

We got a reasonable quantity of the precious berries.  In fact, a reasonable quantity each, which is just as well given that we aren’t combining them in a communal kitchen.  But I found it unexpectedly hard: it only took about a minute of picking before my elbow started giving trouble, so I had to pick left-handed.  The right arm seemed OK carrying the container I was filling, but today it hurts 😦  I shall just have to hope to be better in time for the blackberry season.

Just eaten the first of mine, as a spot of dessert after lunch.  Yum!

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  1. …and a small batch of mine went down very well with some vanilla yoghurt for breakfast.

  2. It’s about time for going picking blackberries now and I’m getting excited. This year is the first year I’ve ever made jam, and I’m going to make some blackberry jam when we’ve been out and found them! I’ve got my eye on the rosehips too, as I’ve been reading recipes for that as well.

  3. If you do jam, think about chutney too. Pretty similar recipe, except that you boil ’em in vinegar instead of water, and add an onion 😉

    Two years ago I made an experimental couple of jars of blackberry chutney, and they came out very nice! Last year the blackberry crop was too poor. This year, probably not (‘cos with my elbow I’ll be picking fewer than normal), but I wouldn’t rule it out!

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