Taking advantage of a recession

Brentor Church appears to be clad in a huge amount of scaffolding.

This church has long been a local curiosity.  It’s tiny, and it’s perched atop a tor above the village of Brentor (which also has a ‘normal’ village church).  I don’t think it serves any purpose other than as a tourist spot, and an equally pleasant spot for locals to visit.  In fact it is a tourist spot, to the extent that it even has a car park at the base of the tor!  But I think it still belongs to the church.  Some of my readers have better local knowledge than I, and will no doubt correct me if I’m wildly wrong!

Anyway, the point is, it’s not a regular church with a congregation and services on a Sunday.  It’s a bit of a luxury that they keep it open so you can wander inside.  So it’s not somewhere you’d expect to be at the top of their priorities for maintenance.  I can only infer the ever-wealthy church is taking advantage of building contractors being short of regular work to get something done at a favourable price.

I guess if I had a house and needed works done, I’d be doing the same 🙂


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  1. According to Wikipedia, the old church is still used at Christmas, Easter, and for Evensong during the summer. There’s speculation that it might have been a beacon tower at one time, which sounds marginally exciting.

    Quite possibly the church accepts local builders’ labour by way of tithe, so it doesn’t actually spend any money (and the builders, for their part, get to earn tax-free goodwill).

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