Daily Archives: July 20, 2009


With June’s heat giving way to a much cooler and rather wet July, the river has got lively again.  Nothing like the excitement of last year’s exceptionally wet weather, but enough to be fun.

In my regular swim-spot yesterday was a hint of a whirlpool: a circle about one meter in diameter, smoother than the surrounding turbulence, and with something of a dip in the middle.  It was rotating clockwise, between the vigorous current on the left side of the river and calmer waters on the right.

Heading downstream in the current, I didn’t really notice anything strange.  But coming back upstream, I found it sucking me in.  Not to the extent of being scary, but it was strange indeed to feel my left and right sides pulled in different directions!  The easy way out was into the current, and shoot back downstream again.  Third time upstream I approached a little further to the left, away from the whirlpool, and instead of pulling me in it tended to push me away.

If there’s this much fun to be had in one little spot in the Tavy, I must find more swimming spots in our local rivers!