Daily Archives: July 28, 2009

Apache new releases

Version 2.2.12 of the Apache webserver is officially released today.  Thanks to Jim for managing the release.

This is a minor release, but is a recommended upgrade for most users.  In addition to a number of bugfixes and minor enhancements, it contains several security fixes.  So if you run Apache, this is an upgrade you should not ignore, at least until you’ve checked the change log and decided whether any of the security fixes might affect you.

The good news is that you’re backed by Apache’s API/ABI promise.  Which means that if you’re running an older 2.2.x version (i.e. one that is fixed by 2.2.12), you can safely switch to 2.2.12 and your applications will continue to work.  If you got your Apache from a third-party, obviously check their documentation for any differences you should be aware of.

There’s one notable enhancement that meets a common need and is frequently requested: Server Name Indication (SNI) in mod_ssl means that SSL virtual hosts are now fully supported – for users whose browsers implement SNI.

Also newly released is Apache APR 1.3.7.  This is a very minor update, and is motivated by the need for a couple of fixes affecting the web server.