The Liar comes into his own

Today’s news: the Prime Minister who made war and strife his mission has been received into the Catholic church. He should be truly at home within the traditions of that Great Institution that brought us both Europe’s biggest ever genocide (the Inquisition – through a spanish theocracy) and the biggest in living memory (the Holocaust – through german thugs)[1]. In that company he may not be top dog, but he’s still a major figure.

Aside: interesting that today’s catholic church was against some of The Liar’s more outrageous ventures. The bloodlust is intermittent, and is just one facet of their history. Nevertheless, they’ve welcomed him in a very public manner.

Here’s a prediction: The Liar’s major legacy in the UK will be the awakening and stirring of religious hatred, in a country that had hitherto been essentially free of it[2]. Ordinary people (like me) went through the 1990s without even realising the religious significance of the headscarves some of our asian students wore: it was none of my business. Let alone the differences within the white majority, encompassing various flavours of christian, jew, and atheist.

Now that scarf, along with other tokens, has become a symbol of “them and us“, the perennial root of racial/cultural/whatever tension and hatred. Religious schools have been strongly encouraged and given special privileges, so we’re bringing up a generation of children who will have a strong perception of them and us. Within them surely lurk dangerous religious nuts seeking to indoctrinate a generation with radical messages.

His mission will be complete when we’re all as divided as Northern Ireland. Which, to be fair, he has done something to help improve.

[1] Yes of course that’s a simplification!

[2] Excluding Northern Ireland, and perhaps one or two other areas where traces of it remain.

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