Daily Archives: December 7, 2007

Our river – at last

Today at last the path along the north side of the Tavy has reopened. Walking it (twice – making up for a bit of lost time) reminded me just how good it is. Basically, this little stretch of path brings you closer to the rushing water (currently quite high after a couple of weeks of wet weather) than anywhere else locally.  Even in the busy town centre, that roar is wonderfully relaxing.

Since the works, there are some changes. Most significantly, the weir now has three steps, not the two shown in photos such as this one. Lesser changes include a very short section of annoyingly high fence, but nothing too serious. I haven’t checked the canal today, but I hope and expect it’s back to a healthy level.

So, that’s exactly 19 weeks since they started 12 weeks of works. Yeah, right.