Daily Archives: December 21, 2007

Evening Café

One of the best lunch spots in Tavistock is Robertsons, the organic wholefood café.  Recently they’ve expanded, and announced evening opening serving pizza: Fridays in December, and three evenings a week in the new year.

So, I had to sample their evening fare, and today I twisted Chrissie’s arm into joining me for a meal there.  It’s not really pizza: indeed, the pizza of the day is just one item in a small menu, and we both had different things, (albeit with common hints of italian influence in the recipes).  Apart from having alcoholic drinks, it was really a café meal: very nice, but lunchtime rather than evening portions.  So now I’m adequately fed, but by no means as well-stuffed as expected.

They also had a live band in there playing.  They were bad, but not obnoxious.

Next door to them is the Birds Nest, the Chinese restaurant that serves probably the best evening meals in Tavistock.  I don’t think they need fear the new competition too much, but it’s nice to have another choice locally.