No trains?

As usual, our rail network is closing down for an extended period.  Apparently that’s to facilitate engineering works (OK, fairy nuff), and because there’s very little demand.

Yeah, right.

Perhaps the reason there’s no demand is that we’ve come to expect a shutdown, and plan around it?

Some years ago I incurred a large and unwelcome taxi fare because the buses (not trains – which I’d taken the trouble to check) were shut down on new years day, so I was stranded when I arrived at Plymouth station.  Since then, I’ve avoided any kind of travel beyond where I can comfortably walk or cycle over the silly season.

So there we have it.  You won’t get demand from me unless you provide a service.  I expect others could say the same.

Anyway, this year the meeja have started to complain about it.  So maybe, just possibly, something might change in future years.


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