Bravo BBC!

The BBC puts out a great deal of deeply unfunny crap in the name of comedy. And the occasional comedy that’s worth listening to (mostly the News Quiz).

I’ve just finished listening to Mark Thomas on Radio 4 (“my life in serious organised crime”). He’s not a name I’m familiar with, and in the 11pm slot I come to it with low expectations. And I was splitting my sides with laughter. This man is brilliant!

I’ve no idea if he’s got enough material in him to make more than a one-off show, or if he’ll tend to repeat the same joke and deteriorate. But on today’s evidence, I hope we’ll get to hear more of him!


Posted on May 14, 2007, in bbc, entertainment, uk. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. If that’s the same Mark Thomas, he’s been at it for a few years and is usually good vale. From 2002, see – love the quibbling “he’s not the chairman, he’s just a director” about a failure to declare a directorship.

  2. Steve Loughran

    you need to get the old TV shows, “mark thomas comedy product”…some of the best are when he tries to export an armoured car to iran by painting it as an ice cream van, or renting a booth at an arms fair to offer PR services. Subversion in action.

  3. Radio 4 has all the best comedy first, yet its still considered “boring” by most. What is this world coming too?

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