Daily Archives: May 27, 2007

Meanwhile at home

It’s over five months since the scaffolding came down across the road, and over 18 months since they started building work. The roofs are now more like a small meadow than a lawn, with long grass and a range of wildflowers (and litter). But still it’s a building site: there is no public access, and the small area of garden at the back is full of junk.

And this week, the b***** water board have been digging up the road, with tremendous noise and clouds of nasty substances, right outside my windows. Of course it had to coincide with the hottest weather we’ve had yet this year, so (like last year) I had to close the window just when I most need it open. I’m not sure if it’s in connection with the new flats, but I suspect it is. At least it wasn’t persistent torture like last year’s ghetto blaster, so I only had to close the window intermittently.

And the current neighbours are a blessed relief: it’s much quieter than before, and it’s now exceptional rather than normal for the whole building to shake as they go about their everyday (and night) activities. Tonight someone is having a party, but even so the noise level is civilised.

I still want to get out of here, and still lack time (and round tuits) for the depressing business of house-hunting.