Daily Archives: May 9, 2007


I spent a long time on the phone to the US IRS today, to try and find out what’s happened to my application for an ITIN. After a couple of abortive attempts to navigate the menus, I got through to a human. She was basically friendly and helpful and haveaniceday, left me most of the time (45 minutes total) on hold, and failed to find any trace of my application.

Since it’s now 9 weeks since I posted the form, and they say give it six weeks, she suggested I resubmit. I pointed out that what I’d sent had cost $130 (£64) to get my password notarised, and I’m really not happy to repeat that ad infinitem.

OK, I have a journey next week that I could make via London for only about £25-30 extra, and not too much time penalty. Time to phone the US embassy and ask if they can help? And check where I can leave my luggage so I (hopefully) don’t get shot by some security person as I approach it.

Bah, humbug,



As ever at ApacheCon, Sander Temme organised a PGP keysigning party. This year (unlike last) I got my arse into gear in time to make it. There are some new signatures on my key. And I’ve just been through signing keys of people whose identities I confirmed, and who I hadn’t already signed. A few of them were surprising: people whose keys I’d have guessed I’d already signed. And one who needed a new key signing, as the one I’d signed previously was on a laptop that got stolen, so he revoked it.

The keys I’ve signed, I’ve uploaded to the keyservers. Generating ascii-armoured signatures and mailing them to people is more faff than I want to engage in just now