Daily Archives: May 5, 2007

First class travel, economy price!

As I write (but not, alas, post), I’m in my cabin abroad the Stena Britannica ferry, on the night crossing from Hook of Holland to Harwich. I’ve been up on deck to watch the lights, and I’ve been to one of the two very pleasant restaurants for a light meal. That is, light because I’ve gorged myself at ApacheCon: I’d have loved to indulge in a large meal with booze if I wasn’t already well-stuffed.

The cabin is a fraction of the price of the sleeper train, let alone the conference hotel in Amsterdam. Yet it’s got all the luxuries. OK, it’s smaller than the hotel room, but it’s certainly not cramped and uncomfortable like the train: in fact it’s very pleasant. It’s got en-suite shower and loo, desk and chair, and power for the laptop. The shower and the aircond work better than at the hotel. All that’s missing is ‘net access!

The fly in the ointment is the faff of getting on and off without the passenger gangways. I understand that’s a short-term problem and should be resolved soon. Even my criticism of the (smallness of) drinks coming across has been largely resolved: they seem to have (some) more sensible-size ones now (beer and water, but alas not tea), and they tell me the tap water is fine to drink.

All in all, I can enthusiastically recommend this ferry as a civilised way to travel. Thank you Stena Line (and DutchFlyer)!