I’ve finally signed on the dotted line and parted with money.  I’m moving house, just as soon as I can arrange the logistics.

I’ve been wanting to move for a long time: the present place is far too noisy, and also a little on the small side (particularly since there’s nowhere sensible to keep bikes without bringing them inside).  The new place is somewhat bigger, and in a much more tranquil location, which should mean a big improvement in my quality of life.  I’ll even have a spare bedroom!

Oh, and there’s a view from the front, and nice big windows to take full advantage. It looks even better when the agent has (I suspect) touched up the blue colour of the water 😉


It’s also a move into Plymouth, though a couple of miles out from the centre. I shall miss some things, like having the moors right on my doorstep, and some of our local shops.  On the other hand I’ll have very easy access to the coast (including coast path), and all the city life should be no more than 10-15 minutes on the bike.  Even the moors are still easy cycling distance via the Plym Valley Trail.  It’s been years since I’ve lived in any city, and I’m wondering if I’ll still enjoy it.

The move will invalidate my postal address, my email addresses (I need to switch provider to cable, because ADSL is hopeless at the new address), and possibly my landline phone number.  Readers who have those details will know alternatives you can use if I forget to tell you personally.  Other readers can continue to use the .com or .org email addresses and the cellphone number.


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  1. That terrace looks ideal for a house-warming celebration!

  2. You’re invited. Date to be confirmed. And yes, it’s primarily outdoors – weather permitting.

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