Three in a row!

Our cheese shop has long been one of the best things in town.  It’s one of the small shops in the area immediately outside the market: a shopping and services area that’s pedestrianised during shop hours.

This week it’s been joined by two more great food shops.  Firstly the wholefood stall from the market has gone up in the world and moved into a real shop.  On the other side, the olive stall has done the same.  Both the new shops are taking advantage of their improved premises to expand their ranges a little, though it’ll be another day or two before the olive seller looks like a working shop!

That’s my three favourite specialist/luxury food shops all in a little row!  Yum!

Oh, and any foodies might like to make a pilgrimage to Tavistock for the last weekend of this month, when the cheese shop hires the town hall for its annual cheese fair.  A fantastic opportunity for the cheese-loving public (that’s me 🙂 ) to meet the producers, learn about their craft, and of course sample a huge range of cheeses, accompanied by supplements from local wine to pickle, and whatever new attractions they can bring us this year.  In common with other locals, I use this annual event to expand the range of cheeses I’ll regularly buy over the following year.

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  1. All I can think of is Monty Python.

  2. Oh, man, I’m jealous! The only thing better would be a fresh bakery that can do a really good baguette right next door. Cheese is one of my favorite foods as well.

    We do have a pretty good cheese shop in our Cambridge – I mean, pretty good for this side of the pond: But I don’t get there often enough these days.

    Enjoy your new shopping!

  3. Good, I look forward to your finding time to visit us laden with goodies from your local shop! Also, seeing that summer is drawing to an end I could hope for some handpicked blackberries and maybe even some windfalls from John´s lovely old fashioned apple tree!
    Yum, yum. At the moment I´m on the Swedish west coast (towards Norway) and the fish, and shellfish are absolutely wonderful here, but I miss the fuller range of vegetables I can get in England.

  4. I’ve got a good crop of apples on the way again this year, so much sure mumsie gets some (by the way, the variety is Tommy Knight).

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