Kids today!

As the days lengthen and the weather seems to be reverting to something more normal after the ultra-wet months and previous semi-drought, I’ve seen something rather encouraging on a couple of occasions.  Bunches of very small but keen kiddies being taught map and navigational skills.

This is not a one-off: I’ve seen different adults focusing on different aspects of navigation with their respective pupils.  On one occasion at the top of the hill, a man getting his charges to figure out from the map whether they had a line-of-sight to a landmark, and identify it in the distance.  On another occasion a woman encouraging her charges to use the maps to navigate somewhere in town.  Both these leaders were doing a great job of making it interesting.

Both groups of kids are far too young to be on a national curriculum, but were doing similar things at the same time of year.  I wonder if this is some particularly inspired primary school, or whether this is more widespread?  Either way, what a splendid bit of education for them.

On another seasonal note, we have the first foraging of the year as the wild garlic is nicely in season: picked and ate my first this week.  On the other hand, nettles are either unusually late or disappointing this year: they should now be plentiful but young and tender, but I have yet to collect any.

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  1. It’s possible this is the result of the geocaching craze. I know my youngest nephew is familiar with GPS and rudimentary orienteering as a result of this.

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