You know it’s hot when …

… the sheep on the edge of the moors are all clustered in the areas of shade.

… the heating on the bus apparently can’t be turned off!

This year’s Indian Summer is particularly striking, coming as it does not just after the equinox, but also after autumn seemed to have set in in earnest with some fairly serious wind and rain.

(For international readers, we Brits use the phrase Indian Summer to describe a spell of hot, sunny weather coming after summer is supposed to have ended.  Just about late September it’s pretty usual).

Posted on September 30, 2011, in seasons. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. …and you know it’s hot when your rabbit is in full winter moult and wonders why on earth he’s growing a thick new coat!

  2. It seems to be good for the blackberries!

    Unfortunately I waited ’til the late afternoon when the heat was waning a little, so I only had daylight left for one decent crumble’s worth of them.

  3. I’ve been picking apples today – eight bags full this year, not quite a record but a decent quantity nonetheless – so a supply will be coming your way shortly for crumbles etc.

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