What am I drinking?

Yesterday evening our water supply failed.  Turn the tap on and nothing comes out.  Ouch, where’s my cuppa?  I recollect that a little while back the flow had seemed inexplicably weak when I’d used some water to cook my supper.  Quite glad I’d drunk fruit juice and not the glass of wine I’d contemplated with that meal, and that I do have bottled water available for emergencies.

Nothing in the bathroom, either.  Going out into the street, I see no friendly lights in my neighbours’ windows: everyone’s out, or maybe even abed.  It’s a little late to go ‘phoning someone without at least checking the lights are on in their living room rather than bedroom.  So I can’t check with someone whether it’s area-wide or just me.  But visiting South West Water’s website finds a 24-hour phone number, and ringing it gets me a recorded message about a cutoff affecting quite a wide area.  OK, so it’s them, not me.

An hour or so later it’s back, at full pressure and looking fine.  So no great problem.  Enjoy my customary pint of tea at bedtime, and again this morning.

Then it comes back to me.  Yesterday afternoon I had run the washing machine, and when I came to empty it there was a faint but distinct smell as if of burning rubber.  I had wondered about that: cleaned out what gunk I could find without finding anything smelly, checked pockets for anything that shouldn’t be washed – no, they were empty.  Could there have been something unwholesome in that water ahead of the cutoff?

Guess I’d better see what the local paper has to say this week.  Hmmm.

Posted on October 3, 2011, in tavistock. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Yep, I experienced the cut-off too, apparently due to a burst pipe. I’m wondering if your washing machine was running with too little water due to the burst/low pressure, hence some of the hoses or seals may have become a bit hot?

  2. My thought on reading about your washing machine went along the same lines as John’s. Hope it all is OK now.

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