Daily Archives: September 6, 2011

Mac trouble

Dear Lazyweb, how can I stiffen a laptop hinge, or prop it open?

I have a new laptop, from my new Lord and Master.  Arrived today.  It’s a 15″ MacBook Pro, which makes it not unlike a bigger, quieter, and updated version of my old macbook.

On the plus side are the reasons for getting a macbook: hardware that Just Works a whole lot better than other laptops I’ve encountered, and a unix-family operating system without having to install it over what the company supplied.  On the minus side, several niggles, and one unexpected problem I’m scratching my head over.

The least of the niggles is that it’s US-oriented, with a US keyboard, and adapted for US power points: the latter makes it a pain to use here, though fortunately I do have a ‘universal’ adapter.  Slightly more bothersome: the metal finish is rather unpleasantly cold to the touch while using it.

The big and unexpected problem is that the screen’s hinge is too loose.  Not a problem when it’s resting on a flat surface, but it means I can’t hold it up vertically while lying on my back, a position I use quite a lot because it’s one I can sustain without back or neck pain.  That’s going to make it particularly hard to travel with when I go to places that don’t have a desk and chair I can sit at for sustained periods.

Any suggestions for how I can get it to stay open appreciated.