It’s time to give a mention to next week’s concert.  Sunday April 10th at the Guildhall, Plymouth.  We’re performing Haydn and Mozart.  Haydn’s Creation Mass, along with Mozart’s great C Minor mass.

Of the two works, the Mozart is the one that really turns me on.  This mass was left unfinished at his death, but what we have is an exciting and glorious work.  To my mind, it leaves his better-known Requiem sounding almost dull by comparison.   I expect an important reason for the Requiem’s popularity is that it’s not just one of Mozart’s great works, but also a safe and straightforward choice for anything more than a basic church choir, whereas the Mass is rather more challenging.

If you’re within evening-out distance of Plymouth, this concert should be worth seeing!

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  1. Sounds good, and I’d love to be there, but as you know I am down under practising “Atilla Adoration”.

    Your youngest nephew is at 3+ months a most adorable bundle of joy. He greats, even is grey, wrinkled grandma with a lighting up of his face and a most beatific toothless grin. Spends a lot of his waking hours on the floor in his “gym” where he is busy learning to grab things, talking nonsense to all and sundry, blowing raspberries and trying to figure out how to roll over.

    Vet has requested that I chat Swedish to him to get him attuned to that part of his heritage. I do my best, however, you know that I cannot sing and what’s more I can only remember snatches of Swedish nursery rhymes etc. The internet has proved a godsend and I now have quite a store to draw on – and there is more to find if I need it.

    I’m sure young Attila and his parents would send you greetings if they knew I was writing this, but they are still in bed.

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