Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

Modern electrics

Just a few minutes ago I was sitting at the desk, when I heard an alarming ‘pop’ and the light went out.  I assumed the bulb had gone suddenly.  It was half-past midnight and I wasn’t in the middle of something important, so I took the cue to suspend the ‘puter and head for bed (from where I’m now blogging, using the laptop).

On the way I went to make my customary bedtime pint of herb tea, whereupon I found the kitchen light was also dead.  Now curious, I tried all the ceiling lights: the entrance hall and the bathroom were the only ones to work.  Evidently a safety device had been triggered, so with luck it should be easy to reset.  Except of course, I’d never before looked in the control box, and I couldn’t read the instructions in the dark.  Oops!  Still, I can boil the kettle in the dark, and I have the bedside light on a different circuit.

Hmmm, can I do better?  I don’t have a torch, but the bike light was where it’s supposed to be, and cast sufficient light to read the instructions and identify the relevant switch.  Reset it and all’s well, except the popped bulb which is indeed dead.  Have to try and remember to replace it in daylight tomorrow.

I’ve been here six years now, and this is the first time I’ve had to use that box (I turned off the master switch to wire in the cooker, which is the only thing I’ve done that required any non-automatic safety measures.  And when something does go wrong it proves utterly trivial to fix.  Something’s right about modern electrics, even to the point of putting the hall light on a different circuit!

Shame I can’t say the same about the fire alarms.  Both mine and the neighbours tend to get over-enthusiastic for no good reason.