Electing the worst

As expected, Netanyahu is to be Israeli prime minister.


This is the man who tore up the 1993 peace deal, vigorously expanded his Lebensraum, and made it perfectly clear that nothing short of a Final Solution would satisfy him. In the process, he also threw away most of the tremendous international goodwill (particularly in Europe) his country had won with a succession of positive moves.

But the responsibility wasn’t his alone. The international community stood back and let it happen: so long as the palestinians maintained their side of the agreement, noone was interested. The world sent a loud and clear message to the palestinians: peace does not pay.

And who was at the head of that international community? Oh look, it was the husband of the present US secretary of state.

Some things come round again …

In 1933 the germans elected a monster. But they only elected him once. Nor did he throw away a good situation: he came to a country in collapse.  I’d say that makes what they did rather less inexcusable.

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  1. Emmanuel Lecharny

    Hitler was never elected chancellor. He was nominated by Hindenburg, then as no party can reach a majority, he asked Hindenburg to dissolve the Reichstag, in 1933. Then the Reichstag was set on fire, and public liberties were suspended, and he took power. It was a ‘coup d’état’. The best score he did was less than 44%, in 1933.

    Netanyahu is probably one of the worst politician ever though. But he is hardly equivalent to hitler. I hope … :/

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