Daily Archives: March 21, 2009

ApacheCon fun

Well, I’ve left booking apachecon far too late this year.  Results: mixed, somewhat interesting.

Travel is a pain: I was unable to book my usual dutchflyer journey (inclusive train+ferry ticket for a pleasant journey at a fantastic price).  So I’ve done a very bad thing, and booked a single flight out (13:30 from Exeter – and it seems I have to take a taxi to get there in time for it).  For the homeward journey I was fortunately still able to book a dutch dutchflyer-equivalent single journey by ‘phoning Stena Line’s dutch booking number.

Booking ApacheCon was slightly irritating, because it insisted that my ASF-members discount code wasn’t valid.  So I declined to pay online, and will argue that point with them before they get my creditcard.

Most interesting was the hotel booking.  I booked the Moevenpick – the conference hotel – as a line of least resistance, despite my very bad experience with them two years ago.  Following the apachecon link to booking at the apachecon price, it told me nothing was available.  But it did give me a price for general booking, that was €242 cheaper for five days!  It’s still 50% more than I paid for the vastly nicer Renaissance hotel in Brussels for FOSDEM last month, but a worthwhile saving on apachecon’s rates, or the last three years ApacheCon hotel prices (both Dublin and Amsterdam being hideously overpriced).

Expect some apache-focussed blog entries over the next week 🙂