Daily Archives: March 23, 2009


So once again I’m in Amsterdam.  My hotel room is hot and very noisy, but at least it’s a comfy bed and there’s internet access.

Yesterday started off just fine.  Flight was half-empty, but on a propellor-driven plane which was noisier inside than I’ve encountered before, and vibrated quite a lot.  I had an excellent view of the left propellor, and it created some strange visual effects: a very static shadow whilst on the tarmac, and a rainbow shadow on cloud.  Bit of a drama getting to the plane, too: they put us on a bus but it wouldn’t start, so they brought another bus.  The distance the bus had to take us was 1 minute’s walk!

There were quite a few Apachecon folks around when I arrived in Amsterdam, so after a shower I joined them in the bar.  Later we went out for what was originally going to be an indian meal.  But then they ended up going into a b***** steak house.  Faced with a choice of going in or going off alone, I did the wrong thing and went in, to eat their only vegetarian option: a deeply uninspiring platter amongst which the only bit with any taste was the two one-inch-diameter mushrooms.

With a start like that, things can only get better.  Can’t they?